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Description This recharge extends the life of your candle black fig. Also combine fragrances as you see fit. The + product To be gentle with the environment, a 100% vegetable wax and a wick in pure cotton. Tips Use the candle by sequences of 1-3 hours, then Center and trim the wick to 0.5 cm at the end of each use. Dip a few seconds the wick of the candle...

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Description Turn on the flame for a soft feel and remember the long evenings of summer under the fig tree. Close your eyes and enjoy the intense fruity fragrance of black figs, the freshness of its beautiful green leaves. The + product Historically, all the candles are manufactured in France in workshops, and consisting of carefully selected components....

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Dropper 15 ml bottle. Description Discover or rediscover an indispensable product to multiple uses. The + product Formulated as the better perfumes, concentrates must their subtlety to a very wide variety of components and their purity. French manufacturing, curator, bottle in recyclable glass and case.

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Description For a stopover in the Mediterranean, turn on a stick and let yourself be transported under the shade of a fig tree by the soft curls of incense fig black. The + product Indian incense are handmade from natural components: natural plant Binder, bamboo and wood powder, Rod treated with water vapour. No pesticide, no dye, no chemical glue,...

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Bottle 250 ml. Description Recharge extends the life of your scented bouquet. Each fragrant bouquet its charging, but also combine fragrances as you see fit. The + product Alcohol denatured without phthalate, recyclable bottle, manufactured in France. Tips When your scented refill, consider also using a new set of perfume stems. Depending on the desires...

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